It’s the August long weekend, and you know what that means – walking around Hawrelak park in the sun while feasting on the best food offerings from around the world at Heritage Days!

However, because of (need I even say it) COVID, things have changed this year for the festival. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still partake, because Heritage Days 2020 will still be happening – online!

Whatever your favourite part of the festival, there is a way to enjoy it, even in the wild world of 2020. There will be videos that showcase dancing and cooking videos from a variety of cultures; there will be ways to order your favourite foods from around the world and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home; and there will be opportunities to check out the cultural goods that are always available in various pavilions. Everything starts on August 1st at Virtual Heritage Festival.

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2020 has been a hard year on many small businesses and craftspeople. Why not celebrate all of the joys of living in a multi-cultural country like Canada, while helping a local restaurant, or purchasing some locally-made crafts? And bonus: no crowds! You could even still venture out to the park to enjoy your global bounty!

The long weekend promises to be hot and sunny in Edmonton (finally!). Order in some food (shall we try Ecuador today, Eritrea tomorrow?) and take your laptop onto the hammock to take part in an unusual Heritage Days.

Just because it isn’t the same, doesn’t mean it won’t be great

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