Getting your next home is as easy as

Buying your home is easy with Nichola Elise.

My Coffee to Keys™ approach is simple!

Basically, we grab a cup of coffee (on me, of course) and talk about your needs, wants, and must-haves. Are you looking for a new dream home to start a family? Maybe you’re ready to invest in an income property?

Whatever your current real estate needs are, let’s get together and chat!

From there, I can answer any questions you may have as well as go through the entire process of buying from beginning to end. It’s important to me that you are educated and prepared, and it’s my job…no, wait…it’s my passion to make sure this happens!”

Days On Market

My listings are on the market for an average of 21 days, while the average agents sits at 84 days. THAT'S 63 DAYS QUICKER!


of the listing price.

Even in this market!! On average, my home listings sell for 92% of the listing price! Money in your pocket!


Top 10% of All MLS Sales

Top 10% in Edmonton
for the year of 2019
Source: REALTORS® Associate of Edmonton for MLS® 2019 sales


Listed homes to Sold homes

The average agent sells only 31% of their listings! While I sell 96% of mine!

Source: REALTORS® Associate of Edmonton, MLS® 2019


Interview a REALTOR®

In some cases, homebuyers talk to a mortgage broker initially, but if this is your first time purchasing a home, I recommend interviewing a REALTOR® you know and trust first. We can give you the information you need to get started, including a really great referral to a mortgage broker that we know and love.

Also, your first coffee with me will include a discussion of your needs, wants, and must-haves as well as a rough price point, so that you are completely prepared to speak with your mortgage broker for a pre-approval.


Visit a Mortgage Broker

Before we begin the house hunt, it is essential that you visit your mortgage broker for a pre-approval. This allows you to shop confidently with a good idea of what type of home you can afford.

Choosing the wrong mortgage can cost you thousands over time. A mortgage broker gets to know your entire financial picture, so that you can make the right choice for your situation, now and for the future.


Search for a home

After your pre-approval, we will set you up with a search so that you will be notified when a home that meets your criteria pops up. Then, we begin the hunt!

I take care of booking the showings and coordinating schedules, and then we view as many homes as you like, and eventually, start narrowing the options. I like to get my clients to keep their top two homes in mind throughout the house hunting process.


Perform a market analysis

Once we have your top two favourites in mind, I perform a Market Analysis on those homes. This takes into consideration how other very similar homes in the neighbourhood are selling and gives us a good idea of where our offer should start.


Write an offer

Once we have decided on our initial amount, we get together to write the offer to buy. This typically takes 1 to 2 hours, as there are about 20 pages of paperwork to fill out (don’t be afraid, I make it painless) that outline the rules and offer to purchase. Ideally, both buyers need to be there.

Tip: Both buyers need to bring their government issued ID and have a cheque handy for the deposit payment.


Deliver the contract

After we’ve written an offer together, I ensure the contract gets to the seller’s agent. From there, we begin negotiating. Depending on the other agent, this can happen over the phone or via email/text messages.


Reach an agreement

In almost every deal, something has been changed on the original contract. This means that everyone has to initial the changes. Each situation is different, but typically we work around whatever is easiest for the client. Whoever touches the document last has to perform a final signing, which turns it into a legally pending deal.


Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

I make sure all your paperwork goes where it needs to go – your bank, your mortgage broker or your lawyer.


Home inspection

This is the point in time where I will refer you to a great home inspector that I know and trust. I can guide you through any questions you may have, especially if the inspector finds something that changes the terms of our pending deal.


Close the deal

Throughout the entirety of your deal, I remain in constant contact with your bank/mortgage broker to make sure everything is on track. If everything is good to go, I meet with you to decide to remove conditions.

At this point, I refer you to a great lawyer to help you transfer land titles and officially close the deal.

On the day you get your keys and take possession of your new home, I come with you to perform a walk-through. I ensure everything is up to snuff, and if it’s not, I take care of any loose ends!

Want to meet for a coffee?

I make your home buying experience easy and stress free. The way home buying should be.

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