Happy Birthday, Canada! I don’t know about you, but I’m aching to celebrate. However, with cases of COVID-19 increasing in Edmonton, we want to keep our reverie as safe as possible.

The official regulations include gatherings of up to 50 people inside, or 200 people outside. However, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, has suggested that people limit their Canada Day celebrations to members of their household and to head outside to celebrate. She also suggests that if a BBQ is in your plan, it is best to bring your own food, drinks, and utensils. You can still socialize while eating the food you brought, but from a safe distance.

Canada Day fireworks have been cancelled, but there are still some fun things to do with your family.

Edmonton Valley Zoo

The animals at the zoo have really missed having visitors, so why not book a trip to see them? You have to buy your tickets ahead of time. As of Tuesday evening, there were still afternoon timeslots available. Not every feature or indoor display is open at this time, but it’s still a chance to enjoy the outdoors and make some new friends.

Royal Alberta Museum

Really need to be inside (it’s going to be a rainy day)? Add a little culture to your Canada Day by checking out the museum. Again, you have to buy your tickets ahead of time and there will be limited occupancy (100 visitors) to allow people to safely keep their distance. Go learn about the military history or Western Canadian History, or even see some of the cool artifacts from 13,000 years ago. Some amenities and areas are closed, but the museum is still alive with Canadian pride.

Secret Fireworks

Still bummed about the lack of fireworks? Uncle John’s Fireworks has let it slip that there is a secret fireworks show planned. In order to prevent large groups from gathering, the location has been withheld, but media was assured that you’d be able to see the show from a variety of locations in the city. Keep your eyes to the skies!

The Parks

Keeping all of the safety rules we mentioned above in mind, why not head down to the River Valley to enjoy the natural beauty of our country. Edmonton boasts the largest urban parkland in North America, so take advantage. Go for a walk or a picnic, but make sure to bring your umbrella!

Happy birthday, Canada! Things are a bit wild right now, but we sure are grateful to live here!

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