For the average person, purchasing an extravagant house isn’t a realistic possibility. Especially since houses owned by the rich and famous tend to be quite expensive. While the amenities offered in these luxurious homes are wonderful, many crave the space that these homes have. More affordable homes are of a significantly smaller size, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetic for practicality. Read on to find out what little tricks you can use to make the rooms in your home look bigger!

  1. Less is sometimes more

Research conducted has shown that tidy environments contribute to clearer focus and more satisfying sleep schedules. Overall, a clean and organized home makes you feel better about yourself, and it can help make your space seem bigger. When you’re able to see the floor, whether it’s because there’s nothing on it or because your couch fits nicely, it can make the room feel more open. Instead of packing unnecessary furniture into the room, try selecting your furniture based on how much it will be used. Also, choose furniture that stands off of the ground, as this will allow the natural light through – brightening up the space.

  1. Paint it light

Having a design on your wall can work wonders for tricking the eye into thinking the room is bigger, but my favourite tip is to paint your room a lighter colour. This is especially important when you have dark floors, as you’ll want to draw the eye upward. While dark rooms can make the atmosphere cozier, the darker walls will be terrible at reflecting the light shining through the window. However, if you find yourself bored of a simple colour, try using wallpaper or paint a design on the ceiling. As mentioned, anything that draws the eye up makes the room seem taller.

  1. Uncover your windows

Yes, when the sun is shining, it can be too bright. But the light is good for you! Especially in smaller rooms. You’ve probably heard that it’s better to use natural light when taking photos, and the same logic can be applied to your home. Having large drapes or curtains covering the windows prevents you from seeing outside. This can make the room seem significantly smaller, as less depth is added by light. If you do want privacy, use wood blinds or roller shades.

  1. Add in floor-to-ceiling bookcases

As with paint, floor-to-ceiling bookcases can draw the eye upward. While you may think that it would make the room smaller, a tall bookshelf can make the ceiling seem higher. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t place the bookcase in the middle of the floor, as it will crowd the room. The bookcases should be placed strategically. You don’t want to pack too much onto the shelves, either. By leaving some empty space, you’ll be able to create an airier, more spacious look.

  1. Elongate with stripes

Stripes tend to make an area appear longer, similar to vertical stripes on clothing. While you may not want to add these stripes to your floor, having a striped rug will help your space look longer. However, when it comes to adding rugs, you’ll want to be careful. Rugs can make a room look cramped. In order for a striped rug to work, you’ll want to make sure that the design of the room is simple and that there isn’t too much clutter occupying the space.

  1. Use the room’s reflection

My final tip is to find a beautiful mirror and place it in the room. You’ve probably been tricked once or twice by a mirror before, so I know that this tip actually works. Mirrors are often used to create an open feeling. By reflecting the natural light, mirrors can capture the room from a different perspective. This can trick the eye into thinking there is more space than there actually is. Of course, if a mirrored wall isn’t your style, consider using a single, beautifully framed one instead. Not only will this help your room appear larger, but you’ll have a touch of decoration as well.

Remember, having a smaller space doesn’t make your home any less beautiful! Sometimes, having a smaller space makes it homier and more comfortable. After all, imagine trying to clean a house as large as Oprah’s.

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