The beauty of Edmonton real estate is that there are areas within the city for everyone. Some people want to live on the outskirts, in a new home. Others love the feel of an established neighbourhood, in the core of the city. For the latter, the Alberta Avenue neighbourhood is a great place to consider.

Established during the WWI era, the neighbourhood was formally called Norwood. However, it has since been renamed. Alberta Avenue was what 118 Avenue was once called. Remarkably, even though it only extended North to it’s namesake avenue, this is pretty much as far north the city reached in the early 1900’s.

About Alberta Avenue

Alberta Avenue is midway through a four-year renewal project. This includes upgrades to roadways, drainage, lighting and sidewalks. Featuring a strong, diverse community and business association, and many impassioned champions – there has even been a documentary about the area surrounding what is called Avenue of Champions. And when Avenue Magazine – who publishes their yearly “Best Neighbourhood” list – weighed the survey results for what makes a great neighbourhood, like walkability and community engagement, wouldn’t you know it: Alberta Avenue topped the list!

Recognized for its great restaurants and July’s Dine the Ave event, Alberta Avenue is an international food lover’s dream. It has a fantastic Latin food market and a wonderful African/Caribbean market. The area is also home to the newish Otto Food & Drink, which is famous for its featured sausages, crème brulee and its brews. If you aren’t sold yet, check them out on Instagram! They know how to lure you in.

Alberta Avenue is known for its focus on arts. This includes the remarkable Nina Haggerty Center for the Arts, which showcases and supports artists with developmental disabilities. It is also home to The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse, a volunteer-run, bohemian coffeehouse that acts as a hub for the local arts community. It has also developed a reputation as one of best independently owned coffee shops in Edmonton. And you know how I feel about coffee shops!

There are many things to think about when considering neighbourhoods you’d like to live. And the criteria will change for each person. But this vibrant, established community is worth adding to your list. Have questions about Alberta Avenue or any other neighbourhoods in Edmonton? Give me a call, and let’s chat!

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