Edmonton is a beautiful place to live! With its world-renowned eateries and festivals, the largest urban parkland in North America, and some fantastic people, who wouldn’t want to call Edmonton home? To help you understand your neighbourhood (or maybe entice you to explore a new area of this great city), I want to periodically highlight the different sectors of our city. Lest I be accused of playing favourites, let’s use the alphabet to guide us and start with Beverly (which contains a multitude of smaller neighbourhoods).

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Rundle Park. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Let’s Chat About Beverly

Located in the east of Edmonton and overlooking the beautiful North Saskatchewan River Valley, Beverly was once the coal mining Town of Beverly which amalgamated with Edmonton in 1961. It contains the (quite different) neighbourhoods of Abbottsfield, Beacon Heights, Bergman, Beverly Heights and Rundle Heights.

The most notable area of this diverse neighbourhood is Rundle Park. Rundle Park is a former landfill that is now a beautiful park. With many ponds, a large central fountain, and paved paths, it has something for everyone. It also features many sports amenities, including a golf course and swimming center. Beverly residents also enjoy Ada Boulevard; a historic and beautiful walk along the northern North Saskatchewan bank that extends into the Highlands neighbourhood.

Beverly has several elementary and high schools. This includes both public and catholic schools. It also has a charter school and a Montessori school, making it a great neighbourhood for families.

Food and Drink

In terms of restaurants, this neighbourhood has a wonderful mix of pubs, cafes, diners, and restaurants. The diversity of the neighbourhood means you get ready access to a variety of cuisines, including Ukrainian, Indian/Sengalese, and an Italian Bakery. One of the most popular, but still somehow hidden, gems of this neighbourhood is Chicken for You. With a mix of Korean food and western favourites, this is a great place to try something new or get a reliable favourite. There’s also a seasonal Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays in the area.

There’s also a wealth of coffee shops (come on – it’s in my name! I have to talk coffee!). You can enjoy places like Take 5 and the Old Beverly Café, as well as a Tim Hortons.

Whether you are looking for an affordable condo in Abbotsfield, or a new home in the mature Beverly Heights neighbourhood, this area is a great place to call home. Do you want to find out more? Give me a call and let’s chat!


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