It’s summer, and you want to sell your place. Great! (I know a gal!) Here are some things to consider. 

Family Features 

This is a terrific opportunity to highlight any schools or family-friendly features of your home and neighbourhood. Typically, this would be when kids are out of school and families are more likely to move. Of course, because of COVID, they’ve been out for a while now. But with school most likely starting up in the fall again, this is the ideal time for a family looking for a new house to start the process. This way, they can be settled for September.  

Curb Appeal 

If you have a showstopping lawn, now is the time to put it on full display. In pictures and in real life. And if it isn’t great, now might be the time to put a little work in. Your real estate agent will help you make the decision about how much work is worth it for your situation. Again, I know a gal! Make sure the lawn is regularly mowed and flower beds are kept neat and weeded. Make any outdoor living spaces look extra appealing. Take a cue from stagers and set the table with your best and brightest outdoor tableware to help house hunters really picture themselves enjoying your (their?) backyard.  


If you live in a particularly walkable area – maybe you are near some great restaurants or coffee shops, or close to the river valley or ravines – make sure to highlight that in your listing. Are there bike paths nearby? Is the neighbourhood especially quiet and peaceful? Summer is a great time to get people inspired to enjoy the outdoors. And if you aren’t within walking distance to anything particularly notable, consider highlighting how quickly you can get onto the highway for a weekend getaway! 


If your house is particularly trendy, that’s great. However, I’m actually talking temperature here. There have been several government incentives in the past several years to upgrade doors, windows, insulation, and such in houses. If you took advantage of that, talk about the energy efficiency of your space. Maybe it stays three degrees cooler in the summer than it did before – be sure to mention that! And if you have a basement, whether finished or unfinished, let potential buyers know there is a cool place to retreat to.  

Summer is an ideal season to list your property, but competition can be fierce. With emphasis on these four things, you’ll stand out from the crowd! Have questions? Let’s chat!

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