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In late 2014, I sold a wonderful 1.5 storey home with the most amazing recreation room with a full wet bar in the basement. The owner, Clair*, was excited to downsize from her large family home and move into a smaller condo that we found for her.

About a week after both of the deals with Clair were complete, and we said our “bye for now’s” and parted ways, I received a very urgent text message from Clair. Her very pregnant daughter, Jamie*, and her boyfriend, Eric*, were looking at show homes and fell in love with a half-duplex in Beaumont. This was the last one of its kind left for sale and the builder would only hold it for four days.

I called Clair immediately. She explained that this 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, 1,345 square foot duplex with attached single garage was perfect for her daughter’s growing family. It even had a bonus room, which would act as a great play room, and upper level laundry – perfect for watching the baby and doing laundry at the same time!

Clair had already taken her daughter to the bank for a mortgage pre-approval. The bank had told Jamie that because she was currently unemployed, and with the baby almost due (with no plans of working for months after the baby was born), it was unrealistic that she would qualify for a mortgage at this time. Neither of them could escape the obvious disappointment.

I listened to this story and was shocked! With a few probing questions, I was able to find out that Eric, the boyfriend, was a second year apprentice and working full-time when not in school, and that Clair was more than willing to help pay for the home and even go on the title as a co-signer if need be! The bank had neglected to ask these simple questions and therefore gave them no hope.

I let Clair know that with the profit from the recent sale of her family home and with the small mortgage she now holds after downsizing, she was in great financial standing. Eric was also employed and made a good income apprenticing. So there was hope after all!

At 11:00 p.m. that night, I contacted a mortgage broker that I had been working with for over four years and explained the situation. She was also surprised that the bank didn’t go that one step further to try and help these people. I put her and Clair in touch, and within two days, the paperwork was filed. With both Clair and Eric on the application, they were able to purchase the coming baby a new home!

Problem solving is a huge part of my job, and having been an agent since 2007, I know what questions to ask in stressful situations to make sure all of the information is properly gathered and that the right solutions are found.

Having built a strong service sphere around me of mortgage brokers, bank managers, home inspectors, and appraisers, I strive to make sure my deals go through with as little stress as possible for all parties involved. When roadblocks get in the way, we are able to tackle them properly and quickly, even in urgent situations like Claire’s!

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Get real, honest advice from a REALTOR® you can trust. Contact Nichola Elise today by calling 780.504.1182 or emailing letschat@coffeetokeys.com. *Names have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients.

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